A big HELLO to our accommodation rating system

Welcome to Best Beds and Stays.

We rate what we have discovered to be the Best Beds (and stays) in Hoi An with our HELLO system.


H - How does Hello Hoi An rate this hotel ?
Rated overall from personal experience with 1 as the lowest - 10 as highest

E - Experience
How would I describe the experience  i.e. Family friendly, relaxing, busy, friendly, authentic, chilled with great food?

L - Level of service  
How would I describe this hotel’s service to someone if they asked me. i.e. The staff couldn’t have been more hospitable, could do with more staff to handle enquiries?

L - Location
Relative to beach and old town, restaurants and the Town hot spots

O - Outstanding feature
What is this hotel’s most outstanding feature i.e. roof top pool, bathrooms, breakfast, etc?


The accommodation on offer appears as informative stories in our blog. You can access those full blog posts by clicking through from relevant items below.

Hello Rating: 10

Big HELLO points for the Little Hoi An Group hotels
A hidden Gem beachside Hoi An

Hello Rating: 9

Cool Cam Pho Hotel

Hello Rating: 8

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Phote credit and thank you to Little Hoi An Group for their photos for home page and blog

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